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Tennis Guide was set up in 2004 and over the years we have developed a unique training philosophy that has time and again produced talented athletes with a holistic understanding of all aspects of the sport. We have 3 clay courts that are meticulously maintained. Floodlights are installed on all 3 courts Born out of a love for tennis, you can be sure that your child is in the best of hands at Tennis Guide. We’ve never done it for the money and we never will!

We believe that talent needs to be nurtured and make sure that our students get the individual attention they deserve. We also take great care to ensure that learning at Tennis Guide is a pleasant experience through lots of fun activities. We guarantee your child will leave each session with a smile :-). P.S. - They might also leave with a craving for some junk food so be prepared and try not to give in to their demands ;-).